My Mum Potted UK Rose

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English Grown My Mum Potted UK Rose A Rose that`s mainly got Red Flowers with Lots of White Flecks in each Bloom

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7 Litre Potted Red – White Floribunda Rose 

An English Grown My Mum Potted UK Rose A good compact bush that is suitable for all around the garden, in borders or can be used in beds for a good impact display, showing medium Red Flowers with White Flecks in the Petal with a Silvery Reverse. The Blooms having a good Scent. Lovely Reddish Foliage produced in early spring that then turn to a glossy dark green when mature. ideal for Tubs, Beds, Borders and mixed Planting. Makes a good present anytime of the year for your Mum. Grows to about 2.5 ft tall

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